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Staehle Graphia font

Staehle Graphia

Staehle Graphia family (Linotype library) contains 2 fonts.

Staehle Graphia Script was designed by Professor Walter Stähle in the 1960s. It is a very vertical font in the style of the printing on private correspondence in the 19th century.

The elegant and sweeping capitals of Linotype Staehle Graphia Script are particularly well-suited to the beginning of passages or lines while the capitals of Linotype Staehle Graphia are better for longer texts. Both should be used with a relatively small line width.

The lyricism and liveliness displayed by the font makes it the perfect choice for artistic texts such as poems.

Staehle Graphia Regular

Staehle Graphia Regular sample
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Staehle Graphia Script Regular

Staehle Graphia Script Regular sample
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