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Romic family (Linotype library) contains 5 fonts.

Typeface designer and Letraset type director Colin Brignall created the font Romic. The character of the strokes as well as the serif forms give the font its calligraphic look. The placement of the serifs, on the upper left and lower right of a character, also distinguishes this typeface and allows the figures to be set very close to one another. The dots on the i and j do not hang in the air, rather, they are connected to the rest of the letter with a light, serif-like stroke. The elegant and lively Romic is legible even in smaller point sizes. It is best used in middle length texts and headlines and wherever an individual and sophisticated image is the goal.

Romic Light

Romic Light sample
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Romic Light Italic

Romic Light Italic sample
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Romic Medium

Romic Medium sample
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Romic Bold

Romic Bold sample
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Romic ExtraBold

Romic ExtraBold sample
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