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Ondine family (Linotype library) contains 2 fonts.

Ondine is one of the early typefaces of Adrian Frutiger. It looks as though it were written with a broad tipped pen, however, Frutiger actually cut the forms out of a piece of paper with scissors. The forms of Ondine are reminiscent of the humanist period, the high point of the Italian Renaissance text typefaces of the 15th century. This movement was centered in Florence, the base of the Humanist movement overall, and the home of a famous type school of the time. The main goal of the educated writers was to faithfully recreate the writing of the admired literary works, whose aesthetic was as important as their content. Ondine displays a regular and open character. Texts set in this typeface give the impression of being hundreds of years old. Ondine should be used in point sizes of 12 and larger and is best for short texts and headlines.

Ondine Pro Regular

Ondine Pro Regular sample
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Ondine sample
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