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PF Monumenta Pro font

PF Monumenta Pro

PF Monumenta Pro family (Parachute library) contains 3 fonts.

Royal, majestic, elegant. These letters are based on Roman and Greek characters carved on stone. They come in 3 different styles. Normal and Shaded are designed to have serifs with a finer thinning. On the other hand, Metallic is bolder and simulates in the most realistic way three-dimensional metallic lettering. There are some alternate characters placed at lowercase positions as well as a few stylistic alternates which are accessed through the OpenType features. Pay attention to letters like Greek Omega (lowercase position) and Greek Xi (lowercase position) as well as B, R, K (lowercase position). Monumenta Pro was recently upgraded to support Latin, Greek and Cyrillic.

PF Monumenta Pro

PF Monumenta Pro sample
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PF Monumenta Pro Shaded

PF Monumenta Pro Shaded sample
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PF Monumenta Pro Metallica

PF Monumenta Pro Metallica sample
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