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Madame font


Madame family (Linotype library) contains 4 fonts.

The letterforms of the Madame font are quite complex. Older operating systems like Windows 3.1 have trouble with rendering such complex TrueType characters. To avoid this, the Madame font has been designed in a special way: the characters are composed of separate fragments. If you use this font, normal text appears “gibbled”. To determine what character parts are required for proper text composition, please click on the character map links next to each font.

Here is the complete list of characters, A-Z, in Madame Letters, with the string you need to type:

A: aA
B: bB1
C: cC
D: dD2"
E: eE3
F: fF
G: gG4
H: hH5%
I: iI
J: jJ
K: kK6^
L: lL
M: mM7%
N: nN
O: oO8
P: pP
Q: qQ9(
R: rR0)
S: sS.
T: tT
U: uU
V: vV
W: wW,
X: xX
Y: yY
Z: zZ

For Madam Numericals, the code chart is:

1: aA
2: bB1!
3: cC2
4: dD
5: eE3
6: fF4
7: gG
8: hH
9: iI5%
0: jJ6
&: kK7
$: lL8

Madame Pro Regular

Madame Pro Regular sample
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Madame Letters

Madame Letters sample
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Madame Accents

Madame Accents sample
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Madame Numericals

Madame Numericals sample
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