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Linotype Zootype font

Linotype Zootype

Linotype Zootype family (Linotype library) contains 4 fonts.

Zootype –the first original single font– was designed in 1997 by Victor Garcia of Argentina and as a winner of Linotype’s Second International Type Design Contest is included in the TakeType Library. The three additional family styles –Zootype Air, Zootype Land, Zootype Water– were added in 1999. In the words of the designer, the design concept is meant to display the ‘funny, happy joy of animal nature.’ Animal heads peek into the block forms of the letters, giving the font a unique whimsical character.

Linotype Zootype Pro

Linotype Zootype Pro sample
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Linotype Zootype Pro Air

Linotype Zootype Pro Air sample
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Linotype Zootype Pro Land

Linotype Zootype Pro Land sample
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Linotype Zootype Pro Water

Linotype Zootype Pro Water sample
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