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Linotype Araby Rafique font

Linotype Araby Rafique

Linotype Araby Rafique family (Linotype library) contains 2 fonts.

Araby Rafique is a part of the Take Type Library, winners of Linotype’s International Digital Type Design Contest. This font was designed by the British artist Tehmina Rafique. The forms lean sometimes left, sometimes right, which, combined with the stroke contrast, gives the font a dynamic character. Other distinguishing characteristics are the mix of teardrop and fine hair strokes and the handwritten style. This font is good for very short texts and headlines, especially when the look of the text is as important as its meaning.

Linotype Araby Rafique Pro

Linotype Araby Rafique Pro sample
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Linotype Araby Rafique

Linotype Araby Rafique sample
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