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Indu Xtrial font

Indu Xtrial family (Scriptorium Library) contains 3 fonts.

InduXtrial was developed for a poster project which needed a modern, degenerated look.

We actually designed a custom variant of our Savoyard font with some unique characters and a somewhat different look for a number of the characters. We then degenerated the character outlines in Photoshop, ultimately running them through several permutations to produce two different versions of each character for the main font, plus an additional font with stylized initial capitals and customized small caps. Then, just to cap things off we produced a set of drop-cap initials and unique outline characters.

The result is just what you need to express the concept of industrial decay in print.

Indu Xtrial

Indu Xtrial sample
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Indu Xtrial Alternate

Indu Xtrial Alternate sample
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Indu Xtrial Special

Indu Xtrial Special sample
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