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Garamond Classico font

Garamond Classico

Garamond Classico family (Linotype library) contains 5 fonts.

Opinion varies regarding the role of Claude Garamond (ca. 1480–1561) in the development of the Old Face font Garamond. What is accepted is the influence this font had on other typeface developments from the time of its creation to the present. Garamond, or Garamont, is related to the alphabet of Claude Garamond (1480–1561) as well as to the work of Jean Jannon (1580–1635 or 1658), much of which was attributed to Garamond. In comparison to the earlier Italian font forms, Garamond has finer serifs and a generally more elegant image.

The Garamond of Jean Jannon was introduced at the Paris World’s Fair in 1900 as ‘Original Garamond, whereafter many font foundries began to cast similar types. Garamond Classico is based on the forms of Jean Jannon, which already displayed characteristics of the Transitional style.

Garamond Classico

Garamond Classico sample
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Garamond Classico SC

Garamond Classico SC sample
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Garamond Classico Italic

Garamond Classico Italic sample
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Garamond Classico Bold

Garamond Classico Bold sample
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Garamond Classico Bold Italic

Garamond Classico Bold Italic sample
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