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Ex Ponto font

Ex Ponto

Ex Ponto family (Linotype library) contains 3 fonts.

Ex Ponto is a spirited script typeface based on the rhythm of VeljovicĀ“s handwriting. The typeface combines the vigor of handwritten letters with the grace of meticulously crafted script typography.

Veljovic began by drawing calligraphic characters on rough paper and then carefully modifed these ragged-edged letterforms to produce graceful, balanced characters. All along its weight axis, from light to bold, Ex Ponto sparkles with the nuances of the handwriting from which it originated. Designed primarily for use at display sizes, Ex Ponto also works well in text as small as 12 points.

The vibrant intensity of Ex Ponto will rivet your readers to the page or poster or package.

Ex Ponto Pro Light

Ex Ponto Pro Light sample
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Ex Ponto Pro

Ex Ponto Pro sample
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Ex Ponto Pro Bold

Ex Ponto Pro Bold sample
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