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Elementis family (Linotype library) contains 5 fonts.

German designer Hans-J├╝rgen Ellenberger originally developed the concept behind Elementis in 1975. Wanting to create an alternative typewriter script that was more round and natural, Elementis' design was born.

True to its typewriter roots, Linotype’s Elementis exhibits more character than one expects from that genre. The letters display a delightfully quirky nature, which is sure to lighten up any document.

Elementis may be used in a number of point sizes: although the letters function best in large display settings, short passages of text in sizes of 12 point or less may also be created.

This family has received a number of awards in various contests: Elementis was awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2003 International Type Design Contest, sponsored by Linotype GmbH.

Additionally, Ellenberger received a Certificate of Typographic Excellence from the Type Directors Club in 2005; during their annual TDC2 type design competition, Elementis was selected as a “judge’s choice.”

Elementis LT Std Light

Elementis LT Std Light sample
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Elementis LT Std

Elementis LT Std sample
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Elementis LT Std Medium

Elementis LT Std Medium sample
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Elementis LT Std Bold

Elementis LT Std Bold sample
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Elementis LT Std SC

Elementis LT Std SC sample
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