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Duffy Script font

Duffy Script

Duffy Script family (ShinnType fonts) contains 4 fonts.

An interpretation of the lettering of contemporary illustrator Amanda Duffy.

Each font contains four glyphs for each character (including all numbers, punctuation, and symbols), which OpenType coding sets in “random” order for a subtle, natural effect.

Use a curved path to further accentuate the bounced quality of the letters. Try out different combinations of glyphs by inserting the cursor in front of your headline and hitting the space bar repeatedly: each time,the text will be represented by a different sequence of glyphs.

Duffy Script

Duffy Script sample
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Duffy Script DemiBold

Duffy Script DemiBold sample
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Duffy Script Bold

Duffy Script Bold sample
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Duffy Script ExtraBold

Duffy Script ExtraBold sample
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