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Caslon Classico font

Caslon Classico

Caslon Classico family (Linotype library) contains 5 fonts.

The Englishman William Caslon (1672-1766) first cut his typeface Caslon in 1725. His major influences were the Dutch designers Christoffel van Dijcks and Dirck Voskens. The Caslon font was long known as the script of kings, although on the other side of the political spectrum, the Americans used it as well for their Declaration of Independence. The characteristics of the earlier Renaissance typefaces are only barely detectable. The serifs are finer and the axis of the curvature is almost or completely vertical. The overall impression which Caslon makes is serious, elegant and linear. Next to Baskerville, Caslon is known as the embodiment of the English Baroque-Antiqua and has gone through numerous new interpretations, meaning that every Caslon is slightly different. Caslon Classico appeared in 1993 and was designed by Franco Luin, the designer of various interpretations of classic typefaces. Luin kept his design true to the original and Caslon Classico consists of two cuts with corresponding italic and small caps characters.

Caslon Classico

Caslon Classico sample
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Caslon Classico Small Caps

Caslon Classico Small Caps sample
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Caslon Classico Italic

Caslon Classico Italic sample
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Caslon Classico Bold

Caslon Classico Bold sample
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Caslon Classico Bold Italic

Caslon Classico Bold Italic sample
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