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Bodoni Classico font

Bodoni Classico

Bodoni Classico family (Linotype library) contains 5 fonts.

Giambattista Bodoni (1740–1813) was called the King of Printers and the Bodoni font owes its creation in 1767 to his masterful cutting techniques. Predecessors in a similar style were the typefaces of Pierre Simon Fournier (1712–1768) and the Didot family (1689–1836).

The Bodoni font distinguishes itself through the strength of its characters and embodies the rational thinking of the Enlightenment. The new typefaces displaced the Old Face and Transitional styles and was the most popular typeface until the mid-19th century. Bodoni’s influence on typography was dominant until the end of the 19th century and, even today, inspires new creations.

The Bodoni Classico of Franco Luin displays less stroke contrast than the original and is therefore also appropriate for smaller point sizes.

Bodoni Classico

Bodoni Classico sample
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Bodoni Classico Small Caps

Bodoni Classico Small Caps sample
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Bodoni Classico Italic

Bodoni Classico Italic sample
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Bodoni Classico Bold

Bodoni Classico Bold sample
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Bodoni Classico Bold Italic

Bodoni Classico Bold Italic sample
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