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Anasdair family (Linotype library) contains 4 fonts.

Anasdair is a semi-serif text face that maintains its calligraphic origins. Its wide uppercase characters display an even, mono-spaced appearance. The design of the lowercase letters couples this rhythm with large apertures and tall x-heights. Anasdair’s sharp, pen-formed details are recognizable even in small point sizes, and they help lead the eye through the letters’ curves-bringing the reader’s eye across the line of the page.

Both Anasdair Regular and Anasdair Bold have supplementary Alternate fonts available. These Alternate fonts contain extra ligature pairs not found in the standard character set (e.g., ffi, ft, and tt), as well as alternative characters, such as a second capital I, and a long s.

Anasdair was created by the British designer Richard Yeend. Anasdair looks great in formal applications, and may be particularly useful on certificates or invitations.


Anasdair sample
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Anasdair Alt

Anasdair Alt sample
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Anasdair Bold

Anasdair Bold sample
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Anasdair Bold Alt

Anasdair Bold Alt sample
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