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Alternate Gothic font

Alternate Gothic

Alternate Gothic family (Linotype library) contains 3 fonts.

Alternate Gothic was designed by Morris Fuller Benton for American Typefounders Company in 1903.

All three weights of Alternate Gothic are bold and narrow. In fact, this face is essentially a condensed version of Benton’s other well-known sans serif types, Franklin Gothic and News Gothic.

In the early twentieth century, the modern concept of type “families” had not yet been formed — and though Benton designed these sans serifs to harmonize with each other, the foundry gave them different names.

Robust, dark, and coolly competent, Alternate Gothic is a good choice when strong typographic statements must fit into tight spaces.

As a modern usage, it is currently the font of YouTube’s homepage logo.

Alternate Gothic No 1

Alternate Gothic No 1 sample
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Alternate Gothic No 2

Alternate Gothic No 2 sample
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Alternate Gothic No 3

Alternate Gothic No 3 sample
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